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January Newsletter

Happy New Year 2016 with pole dancer

Hi Everyone,

There are a few changes and announcements for 2016 that we need to make so please bear with me… We’re hoping to have a big 2016 filled with more visiting artists (starting with one this month), another successful competition and lots of new content being released so get excited because we are!!!

New term, new Content and new pricing
Firstly as I hope most of you already know our first term of 2016 starts tomorrow the 4th January 2016, and we are open for enrolments now! We have 2 exciting new courses available this term… Beginners Pole Silks and Elite 1, so no matter your level there is something new for you to try. We have also listened to the feedback we received in 2015 in regards to course content and difficulty of levels and have shuffled some of the content around a little particularly between Intermediate 3 and Advanced 2 to allow more time to focus on those tricky moves and ensure students are focusing enough on strength and conditioning to enable big moves to be pulled off cleanly and safely. Because of these movements we have also made some minor adjustments to the assessable moves for each level, if you have already been assessed at the end of Term 6 2015 (or earlier) this won’t affect you as if anything the assessments have been made a little easier as some of the harder moves are now assessed later. New charts showing all the revised assessable moves will be up in the studio by the end of the week so you can see what’s changed and focus your training.

We have also had a slight change to our pricing for our courses this term so if you haven’t booked in yet get in quick, if you pre-pay in full before 5pm tomorrow (being the 4th January) you will still only pay $215 for your first course and $135 for a second course if you choose to do 2 or more in the same term. This is the same pricing we had at our opening in February 2010… however after 5pm the earlybird pricing will expire and the course fees will default to the new $225 for a first course and $140 for a second course in the same term. From term 2 we will continue to run earlybird pricing up until the day before the new term starts, we hope this will help encourage you all to book in early and pre-pay for your courses to not only better utilise our online booking systems and reduce admin costs for us but also help us better manage courses and student numbers as we will have a better idea of participation in each class before the term starts.

New mobile App launched
On the note of online booking systems did you know we now have our own 3D Fitness Studio Mobile App? We launched the app in December at our studio Christmas party but have held off making a wider announcement to make sure there were no teething issues needing to be fixed before pushing it out to all our students. We are now happy that it’s ready to go and invite you all to download it FREE from either the Google play store or Apple iTunes. With this App you can browse and sign-up for any courses, workshops, or practice times on offer as well as scheduling appointments for both parties and private lessons at 3D Fitness Studio. You will also be able to view ongoing promotions, click through to our social pages, and easily access the studio’s location and contact information. As an added bonus (if you opt in) we can keep you informed of any last minute timetable changes, new workshops scheduled etc through push notifications so you’ll never miss anything again! We encourage all students to take advantage and download it today.

Visit from Shaina Cruea
We are also pleased to announce we are starting off 2016 with another visit from an amazing international artist the lovely Shaina Cruea 2014 Atlantic Pole Dance Champion! Shaina has always been a dancer but only found pole dance/fitness in 2012 when she took her first class at Body & Pole with Marlo Fisken. She immediately fell in love with the way dance was intertwined with pole dance/fitness. She has since found her own style of contemporary dance and is able to seamlessly combine it with pole fitness. Since beginning her pole journey, Shaina completed the 2013 work/study program at Body & Pole in NYC and is currently a full time elevatED certified pole instructor. She has performed as a pole artist with the aerial dance company AREA and competed and placed in five pole competitions nationwide, to see more about Shaina check out her website: Shaina will be visiting us in late January as part of her Australian tour so keep an eye on Facebook and our website for confirmation of her workshops dates.

Last but not least since we are now into 2016 it’s time I start thinking about the 2016 NTPDFC. I am hoping to run this competition again in June or July but need to have expressions of interest in as soon as possible to confirm I have enough interested competitors to make the event successful. I will be putting a call out on the NTPDFC page this month for interested parties to nominate and will be offering a special incentive for early nominations so please if you are interested in performing or competing in the NTPDFC this year keep an eye out for this and make sure you nominate. There is a lot of time, money and effort that goes into running this event and as much as I love doing it I need numbers to make it a real success.

Well I think that’s all the big news for now… hope you all had a Merry Christmas and enjoyed spending time with friends and family over the break… now it’s time to kick off 2016 and get back on the pole.
Look forward to seeing you all back in the studio soon…

Kind Regards
Sarah & The 3D Fitness Team