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Shaina Cruea contemPOLEary DANCE workshops

Shaina is an award winning international Pole Artist who travels the world teaching pole dancers how to incorporate contemporary dance within pole dance techniques. We are lucky enough to have her visiting us in Darwin and we’ve scheduled 2 of her workshops at 3D Fitness Studio on Saturday 30th January.

THE THREE S’s—Shaina’s Spin’s on Static
12:30pm—2:00pm (90 Minutes—Intermediate/Advanced)
Get those callouses ready or prepare to build thicker ones! This workshop will start with conditioning to develop and prepare the body for the core strength you will need to make these spins look powerful yet effortless, followed by a focus on getting the most revolutions possible out of advanced static spins. You’ll learn how to create dynamic rotation using the proper technique to enter and exit these unique static spins.

Signature contemPOLEary DANCE Flows
2:15pm—3:45pm (90 Minutes—Intermediate/Advanced)
Have you watched one of Shaina’s videos and are dying to learn something from what you have seen? This is your workshop!! Shaina will have a plan as to what will be included but if there are any requests she will gladly take them!! This workshop will start with a contemporary dance-based warm-up, followed by ways to enhance your pole work with fresh, stylized contemporary dance movement. Students will leave this workshop having learned individual tricks that they have seen Shaina do in past performances.

Single Workshop cost $75 or Both for $145.
Private Sessions are also available on Request between 28th and 29th Jan - ask our staff about availability. Pricing for Privates is $160 for one hour for one student or $210 total for a Semi Private with 2 students.

To find out more about Shaina check out her website: or book in using the button below:

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