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Grading Assessments

Student Assessments

During the term students learn a range of skills, some of which are key to being able to progress to the next level. In week 6 all students participating in a Level class above Beginners 2 will have the opportunity to undertake grading assessments to ensure they have mastered the required skills before progressing up to the next level. While this may be slightly daunting for some students we believe it’s a great way to acknowledge your achievements and motivate everyone to work harder on those more challenging tricks. As part of this process students may also be re-assessed on any moves from previous gradings that their current or previous instructors feel they have not yet totally mastered.

Depending on existing fitness level and strength some students may need to repeat levels to achieve the required competencies, this is totally normal as we all learn at different rates so is nothing to be disheartened by. If a student does not yet feel they are ready to move up they may elect to repeat the level and not participate in the grading.

Throughout the term students will be advised what their grading assessments will be on and will be given the opportunity in class each week to practice graded moves. During the week 8 class a formal assessment will then be undertaken where your instructor will check off a list of moves required to pass the level. Please note that when being assessed for static movements moves must be held for a count of 3 to be considered as passed. With beginners spins the move should be held at least 1 full rotation around the pole, in higher levels this goes up to 2-3 times.

Assessment Rankings

The following is the list results that can be assigned for each assessed move:

  • Move Mastered: Move executed perfectly, on at least 2-3 occasions with control and held confidently for required time
  • Pass: Move was executed in line with criteria and held for required timeframe but could be improved in some component (ie. Control/toes/lines etc)
  • Conceded pass: Move was executed with some difficulty, held for required timeframe (or very close to it) but needs further improvement before next assessment
    OR student was unable to execute move to required level during assessment but instructor has seen sufficient evidence during classes to award a pass for the move.
  • Not yet competent: Student was unable to demonstrate sufficient evidence during class or assessments for instructor to award a pass for the move.
  • Not attempted: Student not yet confident to attempt move for grading

Pass Requirements

To achieve an overall pass for a grading a result of conceded pass or above must be achieved for all movements assessed. Assessment results will be stored within the students profile for easy reference. If a student is unable to demonstrate the required skills during their week 6 assessment another chance for assessment will be granted on Saturday of the last week of term at a 2nd chance grading.

Students are expected to maintain and develop their competence in all graded moves as they progress through the levels. Where a conceded pass has been awarded for any move that move must be re-assessed at the next student grading to ensure sufficient progress has been made. During an assessment the instructor may also re-assess any move from a prior grading (regardless of previous result) to ensure required skill level is being maintained. Where an instructor has any concerns about a students ability to execute a graded move they must re-assess.