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Upcoming Mid Term Course

We have had quite a few e-mails in the last few weeks asking about when the next term starts, it’s great to see lots of excitement about joining up!!!

Term 3 is just over 4 weeks away… BUT… rather than making you all wait we’re feeling generous and have decided to offer a Mid-Term Beginners 1 class starting from 3pm next Saturday the 2nd April!! But you haven’t heard the best part yet… As our Easter gift to you (to help burn off all those yummy eggs) if you book and pay online before midnight Easter Monday the 28th March we are offering a massive $35 off the course fees bringing the full fees for the 8 week course down to only $195.00 instead of the regular $225. This offer is only available for this course and cannot be transferred to any other services or dates.

This is the perfect time to book in so save yourself some cash and at the same time feel better about those few (dozen) Easter eggs you plan on eating! Just use the code “EASTER” when booking before Midnight Monday 28th March to receive the discount.