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Anja - Germany:

To the 3 D Pole Team! I am a very sporty person and I have tried a lot of things in my life so far; from ballroom dancing to gymnastics…But the time with 3D Fitness has been outstanding! On my visit to Darwin I came across your Pole classes and found myself signing up for a trial course. I liked it and did the Pole Essentials with you and after it the Get Vertical course. I have to say I had the best time ever! The way you run your Pole Dance school is highly professional! The teachers are great, very helpful, happy, friendly, very patient and really good in teaching the moves! Also the atmosphere with all the students is so much fun; I did not experience any nastiness as in some other places I have visited. In the 3D Pole Dance school everybody is the same! One girl may be better in one thing, but therefore the other one is better in something else and if one masters a move the others are happy for you! I think that’s great! I like to thank you all for this amazing learning experience and I also have to say I am a little sad for not being able to go ahead with the next courses, but the European summer is waiting for me and it is time to go home. But one thing is for sure, when I come back to Darwin for another wet season, you will be the first place I will visit to sign up for another level! You ladies Rock!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!

Ollie - Darwin:

To the Instructors, I just want to say thank you all so much for teaching me all the cool pole tricks over the past year. Thanks for making me a ‘pole junkie’ and getting me completely addicted! Thanks so much!
To Sarah and Rach, I just want to say a huge Thank you for all the great things you have done for me! Your kindness means so much to me and I will never forget the generous things that you have done for me! Your friendship means the world to me and I will miss you very much! If I am ever in Darwin again I will come and see you! Thank you so much!

Georgia and Kristen:

Thank you Sarah and Racheal for your studio. Not only has it been a source of fitness but also a hub of friendship where good times are always had. We love you all and will miss you so much.
Rachel For always reminding us to ‘POINT THOSE TOES’.
Sarah – For a lesson in ATTITUDE and how to be Stripperlicious
Madii – Your energy is fantastic – you always have fun new tricks
Beth – for the Shoes
Elly - Thank you for showing us perfect graceful technique.
Marianne – For introducing us to Pole and for your fantastic sense of humour.
To all the other students at Pole – So much fun and great times learning together. We will miss you all so much!!

GIll - Relocated to Perth:

What a wonderful bunch of girls you are. You are all an inspiration to me and I want to thank you all for motivating me to be the best that I could be. When I started 2 ½ years ago I was so nervous and thought I was to “Old for this” you all proved me wrong. Thank you for making me feel a part of a special group. I’m proud to be a “3D Girl”. I have had the pleasure of having each of you to teach me at some stage. You are all such great teachers. Good Luck with the studio. Luv you all.

Sarah - Darwin:

I have always been interested in Pole Dancing for exercise, and after having a few lessons in my home town, I was disappointed to not be able to continue when I moved to rural WA. After moving again, and relocating to Darwin, I was excited to meet the 3D Fitness Team and start lessons again. It has been a great opportunity for me to improve my strength and fitness, as well as meeting some fantastic people – both students and staff – along the way. Although I have my own pole at home, it is always good fun to be able to go along to Happy Hour sessions, and interact with girls from different levels. It feels like only yesterday that I went to my first Pole Essentials lesson, and now I am getting ready to move up into Junkies 1 (all in under just 20 weeks). Thanks 3D Fitness!

Ella & Kathryn - Darwin:

We were excited to try pole dancing from the start, but now we can tell you it was the best move we’ve ever made for ourselves as far as gaining strength and boosting our confidence. It's so much fun that after the first class we were in love and wanted our own pole. 3D Fitness Studio is Wonderful; the staff gave us the moves, made us feel sexy and gave us a renewed sense of body-confidence. Watching the teachers at 3D Fitness Studio gives us inspiration and hope that someday we can be as talented as them. We fully recommend this form of exercise to anyone bored with day to day exercise and someone who wants to have fun while exercising. We look forward to going back every week and learning new things. We can't help but smile the whole time we are there. Even after we leave the studio we are still buzzing with excitement and wondering what the next week will bring. Pole dancing is a form of exercise we definitely won't be stopping anytime soon!!!